Did you ever cut snowflakes out of a piece of paper? The art of making figures out of paper by cutting is called kirigami in Japan. This program lets you create similar figures on your computer.

Since you are using a computer, you will be able to do some things that are hard in paper, such as change your cuts and paper color, or try different symmetries. Finally, you can make a complex and wonderful design by layering several figures on top of each other.

30 second instructions

Complete help is available here but a quick explanation will get you started. When the program starts, you will see two displays at the top. The left shows the current figure, the right shows the current stack (the result of multiple figures). In the lower left is the editor. You can edit the figure by cutting it. You cut it by using your mouse as a pair of scissors, clicking on the wedge. The editor basically works like a drawing program.

The various controls on the screen let you control the editor, or the stack of figures. Experiment with them.

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